Online shopping has become a norm nowadays to order almost anything you want to buy. There are many websites in the US offering discounts and packages on shoe brands and claiming to be the authentic sellers or resellers of the products. There are some of the shopping websites considered one of the best online shopping websites for buying shoes of different types. Review websites are a great help for the people of the US as they contain all information regarding the products offered by different reputed brands. Reviews about 1stdibs suggested it as an authentic website where merchants sell different fashion apparel and home accessories at affordable rates.

The classic fashion trends are changing as people are getting versatile towards their fashion choices in the US. Spotting websites that offer scams is getting difficult in the pool of sellers. Here is a guide to the tips on avoiding scammer tactics on shoe shops online.

  • Too many discounted offers

Sometimes, the offer that seems too good to be true is an indication of fraudulent activity by websites or online shoe scammers. They use discounted and low prices to lure their buyers into the scam or order more stuff from them for the first time so they can later get the benefit of it when the users stop buying from them. This tactic is used by most scammers to sell their never existing products to their customers.

  • Check the website thoroughly before shopping

Some websites are looking over artistic and crowded. Whereas the reputed brands try to keep their websites minimal to highlight the products they want to sell. Check out the websites if they seem suspicious and use incorrect wording or something. It can be a basic sign of a scammer website that sells worn-out shoes or involves its customers in fraudulent activities.

  • Read user reviews first

Before heading straight into a new website, ensure to check their customer reviews that can offer great help. Some websites have negative customer reviews on their pages and some contain them in a reputed review website. Research the authenticity of the websites before buying shoes from them.

  • Watch out for the URL padlock

The green padlock at the side of the URL is an indication of an authentic website. It means that the website is encrypted. If you didn’t see the padlock on the website, it is a sign that the website has some scam involved.

  • Non Authentic payment methods

If a website checkout involves payment by cryptocurrency or other non-authorized methods, it is a red flag for you. Scammers scam people by retrieving their financial credits to perform online forgery.


Online shopping is a relief to people who want to order the best quality shoes in the US at the comfort of their homes. Yet it can be risky if you pop on a website that is run by hackers and online shopping scammers. Apart from losing money, your information can be confiscated by them that can result in major data stealth. Watch the signs before ordering your favorite shoes!