Gothic Fashion Sense

Dark Fashion Accessories

Gothic fashion often depicts the more macabre or morbid side of human life. Death is always with us, and death imagery is found displayed in its romantic glory in the form of decorative skulls or bone jewelry. The bones, feathers, and even a fully preserve crow can be used to accent a hat. Pewter jewelry can be found in the form of a necklace or jewelry, cast in the form of a skull or bat.

Goth Jewelry

Cameo necklaces, lace chokers, and gemstones like obsidian and onyx inlaid in rings make for excellent Gothic fashion accessories. Pentagrams, pentacles, bats, spiders, and dragons accent many goth necklaces. Unique hand crafted items offered by Gothic artisans may be a bit more pricey, than mass produced jewellery from a larger store. In order to put your best foot forward with your look, any proper lady or gentleman should try to purchase the best quality jewellery she or he can afford. Necklaces and rings made from silver, gold, or gemstones have a more polished look than pewter. Certain metals may cause allergic reaction and cheaply made jewellery may be ill fitting or break easily.

Goths love to accent their hair with miniature hats, dramatic dread falls in neon and more demure shades, and hairpieces. A bowler hat for gents can be gussied up with an addition of an eye catching feather, some decorative skull art, or a bejewelled hat pin topped with a skull, spider, or crow head. Goth hair accessories for a more personal touch can be hand made with a little creativity and some craft supplies.

Choose your perfect goth accessory or enjoy the task of making something bewitching for yourself. Gothic fashion is dark, sexy, intriguing, and polishing your look with an accessory is fun!