Is Buying Upvotes on Reddit a Good Idea?

Yes and No! Not the answer you were looking for, right? Well, continue reading and you might change your mind! When considering to buy Reddit upvotes it is crucial to understand both the risks as well as the potential benefits. So, Yes, it is a good idea, as the ability to purchase upvotes is a sure-fire, easy way to gaining traction for a post or even getting it to go viral. But, at the same time, No, it is not a good idea because it may backfire if not done properly, by someone experienced and professional. Or, in short, you may go viral, but it does not come without risks.

The risks are directly related to the type of service you choose to buy Reddit upvotes from. Choose a shady, unexperienced provider, choose based on price and nothing else and you will most probably get burned. You may even end up being banned at the moment Reddit algorithms determine an artificial pattern in your upvotes. This being said, it becomes clear that one of the most important things in such a venture is choosing the right provider for the service. Look for someone experienced, look for someone with a proven track record, look for someone who is able to provide references and look for someone who is not a one-trick pony. Usually, trustworthy individuals or companies providing social marketing services will be able to demonstrate a vast experience across a large number of social media environments.

For example, looking at, you will see that they provide a myriad of services not only for Reddit ventures, but also on Medium, Quora and LinkedIn. Also, digging deeper, you will find out that, for example, in the case of Reddit services, they have access to aged, high Karma accounts, which provide a significant amount of traction to specific tasks. Furthermore, browsing through their experience, you will find out that they’ve worked on basically everything, from ICOs to blogs and YouTube channels.

So, in conclusion, make sure you choose wisely and the answer to the question in the title will always be YES!